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Timber Frame Builds

Timber framed building is widely acknowledged as being one of the most effective, economic and versatile methodologies in construction. This, coupled with the fact that many of the team have extensive experience in timber framing, mean that it has often been our preferred choice on many of our projects.

Initially, we worked in partnership with an engineer and a separate supplier to oversee the delivery of the timber frame in our role as principal contractor. However, as we became more familiar with the whole process we recognised the advantages that could be realised if we were able to manage it ourselves. In March 2014 we fitted out a dedicated workshop which enabled us to do just that. The benefits of this to be enjoyed by the client include:

  • Ability to be more exact in meeting client requirements
  • Marked reduction in timeframes
  • Flexibility to deal with design changes after initial production has commenced
  • Reduced costs
  • Complete control over the quality of the finished product