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Corriewood Private Clinic

Phases 1, 2 and 4 were completed between January 2013 and December 2015. A total of 43 spacious bedrooms, complete with en-suites and built-in wardrobes, 5 nurse's stations, 5 communal dayrooms, a meeting room, a training room and a roof-terrace garden were purpose-built to an extremely high specification making the facilities at Corriewood private clinic among the best offered by residential care homes in Northern Ireland. Further work commenced on January 2016 to add an additional 17 bedrooms with en-suites, a bespoke kitchen, laundry room, 2 nurse's stations and 2 communal dayrooms to the care facility. While the style will be consistent with the previous phases, our team have taken great care in the design to ensure that these works will possess a unique character and charm. We envisage works will finish in October 2016.

Total contract value: £510,000.00